Below you’ll find descriptions of our sites here at St. Peter’s which are available for hire.

These spaces are available for one-off bookings, or for an ongoing basis.

The Church


This space is perfect for concerts, weddings, and funerals. With ample seating, convenient parking, and a versatile atmosphere, St. Peter’s Church ensures a memorable and harmonious experience for all your special occasions.

Renowned for its exceptional acoustics, this historic space provides the perfect setting for concerts, ensuring an immersive auditory experience for both performers and audiences.

With ample seating and convenient parking facilities, St. Peter’s Church is not only an ideal choice for musical events but also offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for weddings and funerals. The versatile space can be tailored to suit various occasions, providing a suitable backdrop for meaningful ceremonies.






Seating capacity of 250

Sound system (see ‘Additional Costs’ below)

Up to 15 on-site car parking spaces

Option to add trestle tables and chairs to booking (see ‘Additional Costs’ below)

Disability accessible entrance




Submit a booking request form to enquire about hosting your special event at this incredible location.

The Hall and Robertson Lounge




This is a dynamic space perfect for a diverse range of events. This versatile hall provides an ideal space for sports activities and doubles as an excellent venue for hosting social events like birthday parties.






Hirers that have used this space include:

  • Karate groups
  • Dance classes
  • Pickleball and badminton clubs


Adjacent to the hall, the Robertson Lounge offers a touch of sophistication with its picturesque view of Lake Pupuke. Whether you’re enjoying the scenic vista or hosting a more intimate event, the lounge provides an adaptable space.

Our Hall and Robertson Lounge seamlessly blends functionality and scenic charm. From sports groups to birthday celebrations, this venue offers a diverse and enjoyable experience for all.


Kitchen (Hall)

Kitchenette (RL)

Up to 15 on-site car parking spaces

Disabled bathroom access




Submit a booking request form to enquire about hosting your special event in our Hall and Robertson Lounge.



Whole Site

If you wish to host an event that requires the entire site, we would be happy to find a date and time that suits your needs.

We suggest you submit a booking request form as soon as possible to check availability for your preferred date.



Additional Costs

We provide several optional extras which you can request in your booking form submission. The costs are listed below:


Use of grand piano: one-off $50+GST

Use of organ: one-off $50+GST, or $250+GST for organist

Use of tables and chairs (Hall/RL): one-off $15+GST

Use of sound system (Church): one-off $50+GST


Please note: events that are using any of our site outside of work hours will be required to pay a $50 cash deposit for a key. This will be refunded upon return of the key.