Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and Confirmations are important occasions in our lives.
If you would like to hold your service at St Peter’s or have Rev’d Nathan de Senna conduct a service for you at an alternative location please contact the office to make an appointment to meet with Nathan.
To get started we have provided some information for you on holding a service at St Peter’s.


‘Jesus Christ came that we might have life and have it in all its fullness’.

Baptisms are usually conducted during a Sunday 10.00 a.m. service as agreed with the Vicar.

Baptism is not a private ceremony. It is a time when new members are born into the Family of God, the Church, and it is therefore fitting that other members of the Church Family are present.

We Baptise Both Children And Adults.

When someone is baptised that person is brought to Jesus Christ and made a member of Christ’s Church. It is a new start to life in which the baptised person is sealed by God with the Holy Spirit to represent Christ to the world. All Baptism services contain promises about Christian belief and practice which the adult candidates must make or the parents and godparents of children must make on their behalf.

From the beginning the Church has received new believers by baptism. Believers’ children have also been baptised so that with help and encouragement they should grow up in Christ and serve him.

Children who are too young to profess the Christian faith are baptised on the understanding that they are brought up as Christians within the family of the Church. As they grow up they need the help and encouragement of that family so that they learn to live by faith in God and come to confirmation as adults. . There is no point in baptising children unless they are going to receive a Christian upbringing.

When a baptism is of a baby or a child, the baptised receives the love and shared faith of the church family to grow up into Christ. Through prayer and fellowship within the body of Christ, God strengthens and nourishes them in their faith.


Godparents or Sponsors

It is traditional to have three Godparents for a child. It is important to choose the right people. They need to be people who will continue to take a warm and personal interest in their godchild’s spiritual development. They will also be people who themselves profess the Christian faith and practice it in their lives.



There is no fee for Baptism however it is greatly appreciated when those baptised or their parents make a thank you offering to the Parish.

Weddings – Getting Married at St Peter’s


The following information outlines some of the more important details which you will need to consider in the course of making your wedding arrangements, should you wish to get married at St Peter’s Church.

All arrangements relating to getting married in St Peter’s Church need to be made with the Vicar, the Rev’d Nathan de Senna, ph: 022 471 6240 or email:

How Do I Make A Booking?
Contact the Vicar, Rev’d Nathan de Senna by email or by phone and check the availability for the date and time which you have in mind for your wedding. Your booking will be entered into the wedding book and then becomes definite. Should you wish to change the date or time, or even to cancel the booking altogether, or should your address or phone number change, please contact the Vicar in the first instance.

When Do I Arrange A Meeting?
When you make a booking, you need to also arrange to meet the Vicar as soon as is convenient. At this meeting all the specifics of the Wedding Service will be discussed with you. You will also be informed of the date and time for two evenings of Wedding Preparation and the date and time of your Wedding Rehearsal.

What Time Will Our Wedding Be?
The preferred day and time for a wedding at St Peter’s is on a Saturday afternoon from 2.30 p.m. We also would prefer that weddings are not arranged for Fridays or Wednesday mornings.

What Are The Wedding Preparation Sessions?
Pre-marriage sessions may be arranged with the Vicar, and may take place together with other couples who are getting married at St Peter’s Church. Each of these lasts 1½ hours. Here we discuss informally some of the basic, important areas you will be facing in married life. While these sessions are not compulsory they do provide a great opportunity for couples to spend quality time together reflecting on married life and they give the clergy a chance to get to know you better.

When Is The Wedding Rehearsal?
Normally a wedding rehearsal will be arranged for the day before the wedding day. As many of the Bridal Party as possible should be present.

What Is The Order Of The Service?
A copy of the order of service is available on request. However there is some latitude to make minor adjustments to the service with the agreement of the Vicar. The emphasis in the Marriage Service is on the nature of Christian Marriage and this is reflected in the wording of the Service .

What Music Is Permitted?
You will need to decide whether you wish to have any hymns or special musical items during the ceremony.

St Peter’s has an excellent pipe organ and we have professional organists in the Parish who are available to play at your wedding. Their services include playing music as the guests are arriving before the wedding commences, playing as the bride arrives and as the wedding party leaves and if required, for any special items and hymns you may have chosen, during the ceremony. The Organist’s fee is approximately $170. Please seal this in an envelope marked Organist and give to the Vicar at the time of delivering the Marriage Licence at least 9 days before the wedding.

The church also has a sound system which can accommodate recorded music on a CD or iPod. All matters regarding your choice of music and hymns need to be discussed with the Clergy and must be in keeping with the nature and dignity of the Service.

Who Organises The Flowers For The Church?

The flowers in the Church are arranged by one of our parishioners who has had many years experience in suitable and appropriate floral decoration. The cost varies depending on what is required. Please discuss your preferences for colours with the vicar.  At least two floral arrangements will be placed in the church for your wedding day. It is assumed that the flowers will remain in the church following the wedding for the wider congregation’s enjoyment at the Sunday services.

What Readings Are Permitted In The Service?
A reading from a relevant section of the Bible on the nature of Christian love and marriage is normally part of the Marriage Service. You are free to choose your own reading from the Bible. The clergy are happy to help you make your selection. A popular choice is the one from 1 Corinthians 13 which outlines the nature of Christian love in action. Other appropriate readings from secular sources are also permitted in addition to the Bible reading.

What Is The Significance Of A Wedding Candle?
An additional touch to a Wedding Service is the lighting of a Wedding Candle symbolising the joining of two lives together. This is an optional addition to the wedding ceremony. You would need to deliver your candle at the same time as you do the wedding licence and the money.

Can We Have Photographs And A Video During The Service?
Photography and videography of the service are permitted. However, the only photos to be taken during the Service are by arrangement between the Vicar and the official bridal photographer and videographer. No flood lights or ‘sun-guns’ are to be used in the church.

Can We Have A Wedding In Your Church If We Are Divorced?
The Anglican Church does allow the marriage of divorced people. It is however assumed that both partners of the intending marriage desire to abide by the life-long nature of Marriage.

Do You Have A Service For Blessing A Wedding?
From time to time people who are already married wish to re-affirm their wedding vows in church in the presence of God. We are happy to facilitate such a ceremony and will provide a wedding blessing certificate to mark the occasion. This service follows very closely the structure of a normal wedding service; however the vows are said in such a way as to acknowledge that they are being re-affirmed.

Who Procures The Marriage Licence?
The wedding couple is responsible for procuring a Marriage Licence. Before a Marriage can be solemnised a Marriage Licence must be obtained from the Registrar of Marriages. The application can be made by either party. The application form can be downloaded from the Government website. Go to and select Marriages, where you can choose the applicable form for Notice of Intended Marriage. There is a statutory delay of about 4 days between applying for and receiving the Licence. Once issued, the Licence is valid for 3 months. It is preferred that the Marriage Licence be delivered to the Vicar as soon as possible after it has been obtained.

Can Other Denominations Use The Church?
The clergy at St Peter’s are more than happy to marry couples from other denominations. Sometimes there is a request for couples to be married in the Church by their own Ministers or Pastors of other Christian denominations using their own orders of service. Regretfully, this is not permitted. However, the clergy are happy to permit pastors from other denominations to pray for the couple or to do a Scriptural reading or to preach during the service.

Is It Possible To Hire The Hall?
The hall can be hired for light refreshments after the wedding, the rate can be confirmed by the vicar. This is generally done by couples who wish to offer hospitality to friends who will not be attending the formal wedding reception.

Are Confetti or Flower Petals Permitted?
Confetti is not permitted but natural flower petals and rice are all allowed provided they are not dispersed inside the church. We would prefer that the rice or petals are thrown when the Bridal couple have moved away from the immediate entrance area onto the lawn.

How Many People Can The Church Accommodate?
St Peter’s Church comfortably accommodates 250 people

What Are The Expected Donations / Financial Contributions?
It is expected that couples who get married in St Peter’s Church will make a financial contribution both for the use of the Church and facilities, and for the considerable time and expertise given in all the preparation involved in making this an extra special day. Nearly eight hours of clergy time is given to each Wedding, which includes the initial meeting, two preparation evenings, a rehearsal and the Wedding Service. A donation towards the Vicar’s time is suggested at $200. In addition, the expected contribution for the use of the church itself is $400. It is best if both amounts are handed to the Vicar at the time of handing over the Marriage Licence at least nine days prior to the wedding day.

Do The Celebrants Have The Right Of Refusal?
The clergy are licensed marriage celebrants and as such are bound by the laws not only of the Church, but also of Aotearoa New Zealand. They will therefore not perform a wedding service which violates either legal system. Also, was a situation to arise where it would be out of keeping with the nature of Christian Marriage to proceed with either the arrangements or the Service itself, then the Vicar reserves the right to cancel the proceedings. Such drastic action would only be precipitated if either member of the bridal couple were under the influence of alcohol or drugs or acting in a way inappropriate to a Christian Service.


Blessing Of A Home
There is something very special about the first home that a couple share as husband and wife. The Church recognises the importance of this and has a brief and appropriate service for the Blessing of a Home. Please feel free to ask the Vicar about this service.

Baptism (Christening) Of Children
Once a family begins to arrive it is natural to think in terms of their admission into the on-going life of the Church and the opportunity to give thanks to God for their safe arrival. The Anglican policy on where a child should be Baptised is that this should normally take place in the parish church where the parents are involved in its life, worship and witness. In this way the child is welcomed into the active life of the local Church where it will be growing up and becoming part of the normal life of that congregation.

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Our Aim
As you take your vows in the presence of God, our intention is to do all we can to make your Wedding Day the happiest and most memorable occasion of your life. Our desire is to see not only the Bride and Groom adequately prepared and equipped for a lasting and enriching married life together, but also to create in the wedding service an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness when your friends and families will truly rejoice with you in the celebration of your marriage in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Please don’t hesitate to ask about any matter which you may not be sure of. We are here to help. With every blessing for your arrangements and the future.

The Rev’d Nathan de Senna
St Peter’s Takapuna
11 Killarney Street
Ph 022 471 6240


Jesus said, ‘Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.’

St Peter’s is available to the wider community for funerals. The Vicar is available to take the funerals of those who wish to have a Christian funeral.

In general a funeral service at St Peter’s will follow the format laid out in ‘A New Zealand Prayer Book’. The Vicar and family together will select what is suitable for each individual funeral service.

Christians have always believed that there is hope in death as in life and that there is renewed life in Christ after death. The service reflects this belief.

The service also offers prayerful support for those who are grieving.

In the service we begin by remembering the person who has died and offering comfort to those who mourn.

We honour the life of the person who has died by way of spoken tributes.

We say the Lord’s Prayer.

We hear God’s word of hope and consolation from Scripture.

We give thanks for Christ’s victory over death.

We pray for a deeper faith for ourselves and for all who mourn.

We make our farewells to the deceased in a commendation to God’s mercy and love and conclude with the Blessing of Peace.

The committal of the body may take place at the graveside or the crematorium or during the service before the Blessing of Peace.

It is an option to include the Eucharist during a funeral service.

For a service of remembrance when the body of the person who has died is not present the Funeral Service without The Committal is used.

If you would like to hold a funeral at St Peter’s please ring the Vicar, Rev’d Nathan de Senna, on 022 471 6240 to make arrangements for this to happen.

Prayers at the time of Death/ Last Rites.

Of all human events, death concerns us the most deeply. When death approaches, whether it be our own or that of someone close to us, it immediately becomes our principal and overriding concern. When people die their family and friends suffer loss, shock and grief.  Grief is like a wound which requires care and time if it is to heal. Nevertheless, God’s love continues through our loss and in our grieving. At the time of and immediately after death the need for care is critical. People can be strengthened by prayers at the time of death.

Where possible the Vicar will ensure that the dying person is prepared beforehand for death. If the dying person wishes, The Reconciliation of a Penitent may be used. Prior to the service the person may receive Holy Communion if they so wish and/or an anointing with holy oil.

The Committal of Ashes

‘There is a season for everything.’ Ecclesiastes 3:1

After a cremation, the family may wish to mark the reverent disposal of the ashes in a significant way. The church offers a short service which includes prayers that provide the family with an opportunity to do this.

There is a Garden of Remembrance next to St Peter’s Church where ashes can be interred. This Garden is reserved for the ashes of active Parishioners.

For many people the final resting place focuses a family’s grieving and their memory of the one who has died. The church offers a short service which is normally conducted by a priest for the unveiling of a Memorial, usually one year after the person has died.


If you consider the Parish to be your spiritual home, you may wish to think about including a bequest to St Peter’s in your will.

A bequest is a gift to the Church which has effect on your death. It is made by including the gift in a new will or adding it to your existing will with a codicil (amendment).

If you don’t have a will we strongly recommend you get one done. A will needs to be signed and witnessed in a special way and have some clear wording for legal effect, we recommend it be prepared by a lawyer or the Public Trust. Lawyers usually have a relatively low standard charge for a straight-forward will, and the Public Trust do not charge.

Making a bequest is a way of giving now and in the future, and it is a good way, especially if you feel that you would like to be giving more than you are presently able to. It is a way in which you can make a difference to your Church – to help it be the spiritual home as much for future generations as it is for you now.

If you already have a will, a codicil to create a bequest is a simple, quick thing for your lawyer or the Public Trust to do.

Making a bequest to the Parish is a perfect way of helping the Parish in the years ahead.  It could be stated in your will that the bequest is for a specific purpose – such as for some aspect of Ministry or the upkeep of some part of  Church property that you particularly treasure, or the bequest could be stated to be for the Parish’s general purposes.

If you would like any information on how to leave a bequest to the Parish, please contact the Vicar ph 022 471 6240.


It is the Church’s teaching that baptism cannot be repeated in a person’s life because it is the action of God which declares our relationship in Christ. If there is any doubt that a person has been baptised, then conditional baptism may take place.  The services of the Liturgy of Baptism and the Laying on of hands for Confirmation and Renewal provide for a process of response to the baptismal action by a profession of faith and commitment to Christian service. Those making a profession of faith are confirmed by the Bishop through the laying on of hands.

For more information please contact the Vicar, Rev’d Nathan de Senna ph 022 471 6240.